What is Viralfinder? Read to find out.

Viral Finder is a new module on Postable that allows you to search and copy posts and their metadata to use for your own profile!

How does this help me grow?

To put it simply, the purpose of Viral Finder is to help smaller accounts in a niche, use the same data that the larger accounts are using. By copying hashtags and all other relevant data displayed on the Viral Finder results screen, you can find your own posts displayed alongside the larger accounts, and as a result boost your following and engagement.

What else can Viral Finder do?

Viral finder can also filter each accounts posts by like count, comment count, view count and engagement rate. This way you can filter by what you consider to be more important, and pull data from the posts more successful in that specific category.

How do I use Viral Finder?

1. Research your niche and find the accounts that are growing in engagement/follows/likes

By doing this you are going to be searching the accounts that you will benefit most from. You can use SocialBlade or SocialTrack to figure out these metrics. 

2. Search the account within ViralFinder

3. Refine results using the filters (Sort by likes, comments, er etc.)

4. Copy any relevant information to use later

That is all you need in order to use Viral Finder!

When I try to search, results don’t show up?

The first thing to check is whether you’ve actually selected an account. When you search for an account, the account picker should appear with results for your search. You do not need to hit enter to do this, you just type and wait.

If you have already done this and nothing appears, try clearing your cache from your browser and trying again. 

If you run into any unexpected errors, please reach out to chat and we will do our best to assist you!

Please keep in mind that although you can use Viral Finder as a reposting tool, you may be at risk for copyright claims if you choose to do so.