Why do businesses with good ideas fail? There are many reasons: inadequate marketing and outreach, a misunderstanding of inflow and outflow of revenue and poor customer service and satisfaction. That last one is extremely important, yet many companies tend to neglect it. In fact, Forbes estimates that companies lose out on $75 billion due to poor customer service. While investing tons of money on customer support and satisfaction during the early days of developing your business is perhaps not very prudent, it’s important to invest in it at the right time and the right way.

Sales Funnels

However, customer support comes after the sale of good and services, so an understanding of how sales funnels function is pertinent. Usually, a customer acquires knowledge about a product, and if it appeals to their sensibilities, they become interested in the product and further research competitors in the market to reach a conclusive decision, after which they purchase the product of their liking. This is a basic sales funnel and is a cornerstone to business, but what most sales funnels and businesses don’t talk about is the customer after the sale. Products can have defects or in other cases, the customer might want to purchase the product on a recurring basis (typically found in business to business B2B sales). In this case, after sales service or customer service is extremely important to keep a customer for the long term. Many companies and businesses might have great ideas and products, but they fail because they don’t have all their bases covered.

Customer service through live chat software

After our business took off, we realised we had to implement a solid customer service plan for potential and existing customers to ensure long term growth and profitability. We decided to go the SaaS way and looked into several customer service applications like Tawk.to, LiveChat and ZenDesk, all of which were services we didn’t find up to the mark for our needs. LiveChat had long wait times which was frustrating and their scripted responses seemed to push customers away, after which we looked into Tawk and ZenDesk. ZenDesk was pretty nifty, but it’s very expensive if you need all the features and its a pain to set it up.Tawk has similar issues, not to mention their UI and design are too flat and lacking in intuitiveness.

Because of this, we looked into other customer service solutions. Customerly was one of the best we’ve come across. Setting it up was easy and after about a month of using them as our customer service solution, our user engagement increased by 2816%, with the live chat option and the welcome message being the things our customers liked the most.

Results with Customerly

Let me reiterate: our engagement increased by 2816%. We have a strong reason to believe that integrating customerly has been the leading cause for this spike in user interest. This increase has allowed us to close on 3x more sales than we used to. Customerly is non-intrusive and very user-friendly. It doesn’t scare off leads from clunky software. Our existing clients know the kind of support to expect. Customerly’s approach to Live chat is a breath of fresh air. We’re no longer bound by annoying and obnoxious alerts at ungodly hours of the night – Customerly simply informs the client of our hours and our last activity and we can get an at a glance overview of the support dashboard to know what’s happened whilst we’re away. Not only has it helped our clients, but it’s also helped us reduce the time it takes to get a ticket done and streamline our support experience while building our business quicker without worrying about support.

Customerly is a new company looking to make in-roads in the live chat business, offering services better than their competitors at competitive rates (like us as well), and you can look into customerly over here. We’d strongly suggest looking into customerly as your live chat solution, but also to look into after sales support if your business is outside the nascent stage and looking to grow.