Video Above to cover the changes & Updates, Read Below for a text overview.

Login Errors

  • We Have fixed a majority of bugs preventing users from adding their accounts
  • There is still a few left unpatched but they are fixable – Read Below

In order to help with any login bugs you may be having we suggest enabling Google Authenticator 2FA.

You can find steps to complete this in the following Article, Once that is complete try login with Postable, If you have any errors refer it back to Chat.

BulletProof Proxies

  • Fixes Feedback Required
  • Will still hit speed limit blocks – these can be increased over time by aging the account
  • Existing members can buy a dedicated proxy for $25
  • Existing members can assign a bulletproof proxy for $6.71 Per Accouns

If you are wanting to move to a plan with automatic bulletproof proxy assignments go into your profile and press upgrade.

If you are wanting to purchase just an additional account on bulletproof proxies or a Dedicated proxy please reach out via chat and let us know which one and we will organise this for you.

Each Dedicated proxy can fit 4 Accounts on it and can be used on any platform.

Current Proxy System


  • New Proxies no longer are 3 accounts per proxy
  • 1 account per proxy
  • CURL errors should be handled by going into edit->replace proxy and save
  • U.S.A Based Proxies only


If you are on our old proxy network, And have not purchased a Bulletproof proxy this is an error you can expect to get, This is a firewall block from Instagram. The only way to fix this error is by tediously aging an account, Using slow speeds and spending time – The only fix so far is our bulletproof proxies, We are working on a software solution but there is currently none available.

This is effecting every third party, The only known aid is Mobile Proxies and Bulletproof Proxies, Across any service, unless you are on our new plans we are unable to provide refunds as this is something out of our control, this has been standard in our ToS since we launched.


We’ve covered this before – Most of our old tickets are regarding things we have covered in these updates, We will do our best to get back to them but we are currently prioritising new tickets coming in.

Existing Clients

The Charlie Plan isn’t being removed, Any Promotional Pricing (Yearly Deals, Lifetime Deals, Coupons specials) are being honoured. You will get the item you paid for, As an additional change we can now offer Bulletproof proxies to make running Postable a bit smoother.