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BulletProof Proxies & Action Fixes

  • Fixed Follow, Like, Comment Automation
  • New Type of Proxies
  • Will be available to existing members for $6.7 per additional account per month
  • Can be bough standalone at a $25/Month – Can fit 3 accounts but if done correctly will fit more over several timezones
  • Currently the only fix for Follow Actions


  • Available for a small fee
  • Most accounts should have been able to test it already, please reach out if you have not had a chance
  • Great method to use whilst warming up accounts or doing low actions.

Story Builder

  • New support for Videos
  • More options
  • better customization


  • Will start again
  • No outsourced support
  • No specific turnaround time will be given but all issues will be looked at
  • repeat questions will be closed
  • questions answered in this video will be closed

People felt the need to get quite abusive and send targeted insults after our support fell behind,, We’ve made many efforts to inform and educate on what you’re purchasing when you use Postable (Proxies and server costs) and why our Refund policy is the way it is and our pricing was so low, We’re now in a position to offer a service very few others can with our BulletProof Proxies, Our updated pricing and refund policy will now reflect what you’re purchasing and that we’re moving away from our initial business model to something scalable and sustainable, Please ask any questions in the below two links, over the next few days our chat system will be brought back to standard support hours.

Existing Clients

How to keep the existing Plan

(This will still come with our old Residential Proxies, Not BulletProof Ones, Hit Renew Instead of upgrade, If you accounts expires reach out via live chat)

How to purchase a dedicated proxy or additional accounts

Please reach out via Live Chat or by the feedback URL below.