Instagram has changed something on their firewall to prevent some IP ranges from posting, we’re working to find a consistent workaround, For now, a few people have been given tester profiles and things to try, we have a solution coming out aimed at resolving this.

If you’re contacting live chat about this and not providing the information below you are only increasing the response time, this is an active issue we are working on.


Instagram Username:

Physical Location: (State)

Accounts Usual Login Location:

Has it happened in the past:

If you’re happy for us to test with your account include an Image and a Caption we can schedule for you

There are things you can do to prepare your account in the meantime! 

The first step to take is to let the account rest, If you are freshly using Postable that means your account has logged in from a new location it doesn’t recognize, You need to give time for the trust rating on the new IP to build up. 

Re-Post only reposts a few posts but the log says there’s more!? 

This is not Auto Re-Post failing, This is Instagram automatically removing the posts after they submit, Just as above, you need to give the account time to rest, Set the speed to lower and keep it going for a week and then try increasing it.