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Postable is a full-featured Instagram automation agency based on Nextpost, We offer premium iPV6 proxies included on all our plans, No gimmicks, Just great value.
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Our initial LTD with LTDHunt helped us get to where we are, we're back to offer one last agency deal and our pricing model will be going strictly monthly, No LTDs.

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Why go with Postable?

We understand that picking a platform to hand off all your engagement and scheduling too can be a big choice, We're a business created out of necessity, We saw that no one else was offering the full suite of features, at a fair price, So we buckled down and formed Postable to meet our needs, We're thrilled to be able to share it!
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Proxies Included

Let us handle all your proxy needs, Each plan is inclusive of proxies, You don't need anything extra to start using our platform!

Amazing Support

We use Customerly Live Chat to ensure we can provide our clients with amazing support,

Quality Code

We started with a solid open source codebase since then we've since hired very talented people to build up our feature offerings,

Fair & Transparent

Know what you’re getting, Competitors will ask you more money for the same tools, Your subscription with Postable covers Proxies and server costs.

Don't Miss Out!

These are all the features our initial LTDHunters have gotten for free since signing up, Don't miss out - There's a lot more planned!


Boost is our re-vamped automation toolset, Built to be more human like.


Sub-Accounts? You've got it, The heavily requested features is now out and limited to LTDHunt users for now.

Viral Finder

Need Content, Can't find hashtags? We've got you covered!

Auto Direct & DM Manager

Send PMs to potential leads & Manage all your DM's on Postable, Multiple accounts, one device and an easy way to manage IG!

Story Builder

Customise your stories directly on your desktop, V2 coming soon!

$1.80 Method and more Filters

*Coming Soon* Get strapped in, We're adding a new element to automation for our premium members, coming soon!

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See what we've been up to and what we have planned below!


What is Postable?

It’s a social media engagement platform used to schedule posts and automate your daily activities  so you can focus on what’s important.

What payment services do you support?

We support payments via stripe and can accommodate cryptocurrency payments, Simply contact support to pay via Crypto.

Can I try Postable for free?

We offer a 7 day trial, this is to help ensure it meets your needs, Feel free to sign up via the main website.

Are Proxies Provided?

Yes, Proxies are included in every plan and will be issued as you add new accounts, With Postable you aren’t paying for the tools but the Proxies and servers to run it.

Can you provide residential proxies?

Yes, These will come at an increased monthly cost and aren’t available for LTD promos, Please reach out to support to learn more.

I’ve seen this site before?

We use a very popular codebase (NextPost) that’s been modified to our needs, As the initial project has been shut-down we keep our API up to date and features functional as well as building on-top of them.


Talk with us Live! Press the below button to navigate to our support, On the bottom right you’ll see our live chat!

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Need More?

Feel free to check out our Customerly Knowledge base, we’re updating it daily with guides, FaQ and info!

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After Support, Pre-Sale Questions or just want to know more?

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