The best way to target by location

Using locations as a target is the best way to interact with country-specific niches. If you are using locations as a target and aren’t seeing results/getting error messages in the Activity Log, here are some quick tips to achieve better results!

Note: Results vary according to your account type and niche. All advice here is purely for informational purposes and it is your own responsibility to customize locations to fit your targeted audience.

Don’t – use just countries

If you are looking to target just a country, it’s not wise to use a country or big city (e.g. Dubai, Australia, London) as a target. Not only will you be interacting with people outside of these locations (users on holiday etc.) you will also be at risk of receiving the ’empty feed’ or similar error messages. Posts that fit your specifications and also your location targeting are few and far between. 

Do – set targets for events and smaller cities/suburbs

You can almost guarantee a return engagement rate from those who frequent places relevant to your niche. Take time to research your niche and find out about the best places to go and the best things to do. As an example, those who are running a vegan page might want to target posts that are located at the local vegan market or the nearby vegan grocer. That way you are interacting with the right people, and the right content. 

Do – Change it up!

Keeping to the same targets forever can be rewarding for some people. But a lot of places and events can lose relevancy as quickly as they became relevant. Make sure you are keeping up with your niche to make sure you are targeting where your users are going to be! Plus, you may get better results with a different location. It never hurts to try new things!