Today we’ve released our new pricing structures, We’ve added some details about how this will work going forward.

Existing Users
If you already have a plan you will be able to stay on this – Simply press renew account and you will have the option to add more months – We will have a 1 Month grace period for everyone who forgets to renew, Your Features, Account limits and anything else will stay exactly the same, Charlie will remain Charlie.

If you’re looking to move across simply press upgrade account instead.

Promotional Pricing Users
Your plans will stay the same – If you wish to move to Monthly pricing and have some of the benefits please reach out to live chat

Why we made this change

In order to keep offering the best possible service it was vital for us to migrate to Mobile & Residential proxies – These are a grade above the regular proxies we could offer and such a much larger cost to us – The new pricing will allow us to do the below.

  • Offer Better Automation with Less blocks
  • More Straightforward account adding
  • Less Re-Login Errors
  • Onboard a new support member
    This means we can reduce wait time on tickets & offer more prompt support

We’d be happy to answer any questions over Chat!