Below is a pretty lengthy read, It’s important you read all of it.

What is account “Warm Up”

Warming up your account refers to the steps of building your trust factor on Instagram, This is a vital step to avoiding issues when using Postable.

Why do I need to warm up an account?

This is an important step to maximising your use of Postable – The process helps establish your connection with us as an a Authentic session – Not doing these steps will limit the amount of Follows, Likes, DM’s & Comments we can send on your behalf, In rare situations this can also cause blocks and Phone Verification requests.

Types of Accounts that need warm up.
  1. New Accounts 
  2. Inactive Accounts (Regardless of Age)
  3. When any Major changes are made on your profile (Profile Bio, Email, Authentication, Logging in from a new location)
  4. Newly purchased Accounts (Regardless of Age)

When you first add your account the first few weeks are essential to building a good trust factor – Once you’ve established the account on Postable things like Profile Bio Changes, Adding emails or logging in from new locations don’t require a complete warm up but it’s suggested to slow down speeds and limit the hours worked for a few days.

How to Properly Warm Up?

Below is a good example of a common use of Automation, This is incidentally very wrong.

New Account purchased, Advertised as Aged and email verified, What do you do?

  • You immediately change all the account details.
  • You start posting right away
  • You added a new proxy and rush to use your new account
  • You get a Block or Ban

The problem here would have been regardless of the age you’ve essentially reset the trust factor when that account came into your possession, the new Password and any changes you make would be responsible for this, Below is the proper process you should take

  • Change the Account Details
  • You Follow a handful of people, Like a few posts and rest for a few days.
  • Make a Post, Follow a handful more people, like some pictures, like some comments – Rest for a few days.
  • Add you Account to Postable – Do not enable any Tools for a few days.
  • Whilst Resting avoid using the account on your device if possible.
  • Enable The tool you wish to use on Very Slow – Suggested break times are 3-4 hours activity per day 9AM-1PM – Allow actions for 3-4 Days
  • Enable longer hours – 9AM- 6/7PM
  • Gradually increase speeds – If you encounter a block scale back speeds

You’ll find I don’t specify actual lengths for days – Keep it as dynamic as possible is preferred, The minimum amount of time I would rest for is 24 full hours up to about 96 Hours Maximum (4 Days)¬†

There is no Easy guide to doing this but we’ve made it as easy as Possible – When you add an account you’ll be restricted from changing the speeds until a few days has passed – We also pre-fill break times suitable for a fresh 0 trust factor account – once the speed change timers have ticked down it should be safe to move up in speeds.