Teams is one of the newest additions to Postable. It is currently in Beta and is being tested by a handful of users. This guide will help everyone who will be receiving it as part of their package.

Who can use Teams?

Teams is available to all users who are on the Agency plan. If you are not on Agency plan and wish to have teams, please reach out to us so we can discuss upgrading.

What is Teams?

Teams is a module that allows you to add team members to manage certain parts of accounts. You are able to manage each members permissions so that they can only perform what you wish them to do.

How do I use teams?
  1. First you will need to access the teams page, it can be found on the sidebar, or you can click here.
  2. The person you are wanting to add must have an existing Postable account, They do not need to have an active plan. Signup Link
  3. Select ‘New Member’ and set up your Team. From here you are able to manage the permissions and accounts you want your team member to see. 
  4. The team member then should access this link to log in as a team member: – If the member has an expired profile (No Payment needed to join a team) they will have the option to join the team from the expiry page, If the have an active plan they will also be able to switch teams on the profile tab.