Masslooking and Massvoting is the new trend of automation. These modules allow you to view stories and interact with polls, sliders and quizzes in a bulk amount.

Currently Masslooking and Massvoting are under the radar, so you are able to do actions previously impossible by automation standards. 

How do you use Masslooking and Massvoting:

Masslooking and Massvoting have been merged into the one module instead of the two modules you may be used to. Here are the steps on how to use them efficiently

  1. Choose the account to activate them on
  2. Choose whether to target by people who have liked the targets most recent post, or by people who follow the target
  3. Enter in targets
  4. Select which type of actions to do (e.g. poll vote, answer question, slider points)\
  5. If you elect to answer questions, enter your answers into the text box below
  6. If you opted to use Slider Points, select your percentages to use in the two drop down boxes underneath the text box
  7. If you open to do polls, select whether you want to select the first option, the second option, or one at random
  8. Choose how frequently the system relogs
  9. Choose your speed
  10. Set your breaks, activate and save!