How to navigate and use the Boost module

What is Boost?

Boost is a module what splits up actions across 6 different forms of engagement: 

  1. Follow – Follow users 
  2. Unfollow – Unfollow all users or only unfollow those who don’t follow you back
  3. Like – Like content posted by users
  4. Comment – comment on posts
  5. View Story – View Instagram stories
  6. Welcome DM – Send a message to users that follow you

Each feature is completely optional, so you don’t need to have all 6 turned on at once. However using more than on will allow you to have variety.

How do I set up Boost?

The good thing about Boost is that you can customise each step. When you first navigate to the Boost module, you will first need to select an account on the sidebar. If you don’t have this option – don’t worry – Boost will not show this menu if you only have one account added.

Once you have selected your modules, click the next button on the bottom right of the page. This will take you to the Choose the Source page!

The Choose the Source page is where you select the accounts, hashtags and locations you wish to target. The auto fill function will assist you with filling out this section. It also gives you suggestions based on what you have typed out. We suggest using between 10-14 to start, but you can use many more if you wish to. Once you have done this, click next to go to the Grow your Profile page!