The alert you may be seeing is related to a recent, global change effecting all third party services, This is including apps, Services and support teams such as VAs – Account managers and all instances where you and a third party share access to an account. There are currently rumours that this is Instagram start at filtering and potentially imposing limits to how often you may be able to perform actions, make changes or otherwise utilise Instagram, This alert has been known to happen on change of geolocation, IP Address and even device.

Bringing your account trust factor on a new login is essential – This means whenever you share your password with any application or person you take steps to ensure only one person is logged in and performing actions at any given moment, if you’re re-logging your account or have recently changed devices, IP addresses (Different subnet, State or country) or moved countries it’s important you take actions slow on the change, limiting how many likes, follows or posts you make in a certain time period.

As it currently stands Instagram has not addressed this alert and we don’t expect them to, As they’re currently using machine learning and automated processes to combat online abuse and bullying it’s expected for them to take steps against things that empower or enable these things to happen, such as Accounts being stolen, shared or otherwise exploited, if you’re a genuine user and don’t use Postable or other third parties to spam or abuse Instagrams services your account isn’t in danger, you will however have to take some additional steps to ensure your pro-longed and un-interrupted use of these tools.

It is important that when you re-login your account you do a sweep of your settings to ensure your break times are set correctly (12 Hours on 12 hours off is the longest we safely suggest) that your targets are in-line with your accounts niche and goals and that your activity speeds are sensible, Using your account whilst it’s plugged into Postable isn’t suggested and is likely to trigger this alert, the same goes for any third parties, apps or people you share your details with,