Compromised Account Alert


This is currently effecting MassLooking – Instagram has applied a Global restriction on story views – this affects every company offering MassLooking – We will do free time upgrades until a workaround is found.


The alert you may be seeing is related to a recent, global wave effecting all third party services, There are currently rumours that this is Instagrams start at filtering and potentially imposing limits to MassLooking but they are rumours, for as long as Third part services have existed waves like these have been common and will continue to be common, Whilst I personally believe there is nothing to worry about I have outlined below the steps to take to fix this and to secure your account further.

It is important that when you re-login your account you do a sweep of your settings to ensure your break times are set correctly (12 Hours on 12 hours off is the longest we safely suggest) that your targets are in-line with your accounts niche and goals and that your activity speeds are sensible.

Steps for resolution

  1. Log in to your Instagram app on your local device and change the password.
  2. Logout from the Instagram app.
    1. I would highly suggest following the additional steps below too.
  3. Log in to the Instagram app on your local device, again with the new password.
  4. Open an account in Postable and re-login again in by going onto the account, selecting edit and ensuring you use SMS or your google Authenticator to Re-Login.

Once you have logged back in, re-enable any automation or tools you have been using and do not use your local device whilst actions are running on postable

Additional Steps

The below steps outline how to disable location services on your Instagram App, on your local device, This is a huge data point Instagram utilises to tell a genuine login apart from one using a proxy, a third party service or even when your account is compromised – It’s one of the easiest things for them to track but one of the most effective, Disabling your Location services on any apps relevant to your Account makes this process harder for them resulting in less automated log-outs and alerts like the one you may have received today.


  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Location.
    1. If you don’t see “Location,” tap Security & location  Location.
    2. If you have a work profile, tap Advanced  Location.
  3. Tap App permission or App level permissions
  4. Find Instagram.
  5. Choose an option:
    Deny: The app can never use your location, even when you’re using the app.  ​


  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Make sure that Location Services is on.
  3. Scroll down to find Instagram,Messenger,Facebook Pages manager and anything your account is associated with.
  4. Tap the app and select an option:
    Never: Prevents access to Location Services information.

Thanks for reading, Please keep in mind these alerts are global, Have effected every third party, They have been common in the past, they will be common in the future.

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Small Update

Video Above to cover the changes & Updates, Read Below for a text overview.

Login Errors

  • We Have fixed a majority of bugs preventing users from adding their accounts
  • There is still a few left unpatched but they are fixable – Read Below

In order to help with any login bugs you may be having we suggest enabling Google Authenticator 2FA.

You can find steps to complete this in the following Article, Once that is complete try login with Postable, If you have any errors refer it back to Chat.

BulletProof Proxies

  • Fixes Feedback Required
  • Will still hit speed limit blocks – these can be increased over time by aging the account
  • Existing members can buy a dedicated proxy for $25
  • Existing members can assign a bulletproof proxy for $6.71 Per Accouns

If you are wanting to move to a plan with automatic bulletproof proxy assignments go into your profile and press upgrade.

If you are wanting to purchase just an additional account on bulletproof proxies or a Dedicated proxy please reach out via chat and let us know which one and we will organise this for you.

Each Dedicated proxy can fit 4 Accounts on it and can be used on any platform.

Current Proxy System


  • New Proxies no longer are 3 accounts per proxy
  • 1 account per proxy
  • CURL errors should be handled by going into edit->replace proxy and save
  • U.S.A Based Proxies only


If you are on our old proxy network, And have not purchased a Bulletproof proxy this is an error you can expect to get, This is a firewall block from Instagram. The only way to fix this error is by tediously aging an account, Using slow speeds and spending time – The only fix so far is our bulletproof proxies, We are working on a software solution but there is currently none available.

This is effecting every third party, The only known aid is Mobile Proxies and Bulletproof Proxies, Across any service, unless you are on our new plans we are unable to provide refunds as this is something out of our control, this has been standard in our ToS since we launched.


We’ve covered this before – Most of our old tickets are regarding things we have covered in these updates, We will do our best to get back to them but we are currently prioritising new tickets coming in.

Existing Clients

The Charlie Plan isn’t being removed, Any Promotional Pricing (Yearly Deals, Lifetime Deals, Coupons specials) are being honoured. You will get the item you paid for, As an additional change we can now offer Bulletproof proxies to make running Postable a bit smoother.

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September Updates, New pricing & Blocks covered.

The below article will be a condensed version what the video covers.

Please watch this in full.

BulletProof Proxies & Action Fixes

  • Fixed Follow, Like, Comment Automation
  • New Type of Proxies
  • Will be available to existing members for $6.7 per additional account per month
  • Can be bough standalone at a $25/Month – Can fit 3 accounts but if done correctly will fit more over several timezones
  • Currently the only fix for Follow Actions


  • Available for a small fee
  • Most accounts should have been able to test it already, please reach out if you have not had a chance
  • Great method to use whilst warming up accounts or doing low actions.

Story Builder

  • New support for Videos
  • More options
  • better customization


  • Will start again
  • No outsourced support
  • No specific turnaround time will be given but all issues will be looked at
  • repeat questions will be closed
  • questions answered in this video will be closed

People felt the need to get quite abusive and send targeted insults after our support fell behind,, We’ve made many efforts to inform and educate on what you’re purchasing when you use Postable (Proxies and server costs) and why our Refund policy is the way it is and our pricing was so low, We’re now in a position to offer a service very few others can with our BulletProof Proxies, Our updated pricing and refund policy will now reflect what you’re purchasing and that we’re moving away from our initial business model to something scalable and sustainable, Please ask any questions in the below two links, over the next few days our chat system will be brought back to standard support hours.

Existing Clients

How to keep the existing Plan

(This will still come with our old Residential Proxies, Not BulletProof Ones, Hit Renew Instead of upgrade, If you accounts expires reach out via live chat)

How to purchase a dedicated proxy or additional accounts

Please reach out via Live Chat or by the feedback URL below.

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Emergency Downtime

This post is in result of the outage we had tonight.

Date-Time		        Reason	                Duration
2019-06-24 10:20:54		Connection Timeout	1 hrs, 53 mins

This issue was due to an ID verification with out host – Our current bandwidth usage & Resource usage has risen very quickly and has raised some concerns and we had to get in touch with them to clarify our use case of their network and confirm it’s not malicious or otherwise unusual / un-approved activity


Whilst we’re here I’ll include some info of the upcoming updates and our last update.

  • DM viewer is now live and should be rolling out to supported plans shortly
  • Automated $1.80 Method will be going into beta soon
  • New pricing and Residential proxies are rolled out


Feed Editor – We want to bring more options to manage your profile, the feed editor will let you browse your feed, search for posts, comment, like and DM users directly as well as repost media in 2 clicks

Re-Login Helper – We plan to bring a one click Re-Login to help with any troublesome accounts.

Multi-Account Posting – Select them all or just one, Easier method to post to multiple accounts

Feed Editor – We want to bring more options to manage your profile, the feed editor will let you browse your feed, search for posts, comment, like and DM users directly as well as repost media in 2 clicks

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June 20th – New Pricing Structure

Today we’ve released our new pricing structures, We’ve added some details about how this will work going forward.

Existing Users
If you already have a plan you will be able to stay on this – Simply press renew account and you will have the option to add more months – We will have a 1 Month grace period for everyone who forgets to renew, Your Features, Account limits and anything else will stay exactly the same, Charlie will remain Charlie.

If you’re looking to move across simply press upgrade account instead.

Promotional Pricing Users
Your plans will stay the same – If you wish to move to Monthly pricing and have some of the benefits please reach out to live chat

Why we made this change

In order to keep offering the best possible service it was vital for us to migrate to Mobile & Residential proxies – These are a grade above the regular proxies we could offer and such a much larger cost to us – The new pricing will allow us to do the below.

  • Offer Better Automation with Less blocks
  • More Straightforward account adding
  • Less Re-Login Errors
  • Onboard a new support member
    This means we can reduce wait time on tickets & offer more prompt support

We’d be happy to answer any questions over Chat!

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Customerly – A Live chat built for startups.

Why do businesses with good ideas fail? There are many reasons: inadequate marketing and outreach, a misunderstanding of inflow and outflow of revenue and poor customer service and satisfaction. That last one is extremely important, yet many companies tend to neglect it. In fact, Forbes estimates that companies lose out on $75 billion due to poor customer service. While investing tons of money on customer support and satisfaction during the early days of developing your business is perhaps not very prudent, it’s important to invest in it at the right time and the right way.

Sales Funnels

However, customer support comes after the sale of good and services, so an understanding of how sales funnels function is pertinent. Usually, a customer acquires knowledge about a product, and if it appeals to their sensibilities, they become interested in the product and further research competitors in the market to reach a conclusive decision, after which they purchase the product of their liking. This is a basic sales funnel and is a cornerstone to business, but what most sales funnels and businesses don’t talk about is the customer after the sale. Products can have defects or in other cases, the customer might want to purchase the product on a recurring basis (typically found in business to business B2B sales). In this case, after sales service or customer service is extremely important to keep a customer for the long term. Many companies and businesses might have great ideas and products, but they fail because they don’t have all their bases covered.

Customer service through live chat software

After our business took off, we realised we had to implement a solid customer service plan for potential and existing customers to ensure long term growth and profitability. We decided to go the SaaS way and looked into several customer service applications like Tawk.to, LiveChat and ZenDesk, all of which were services we didn’t find up to the mark for our needs. LiveChat had long wait times which was frustrating and their scripted responses seemed to push customers away, after which we looked into Tawk and ZenDesk. ZenDesk was pretty nifty, but it’s very expensive if you need all the features and its a pain to set it up.Tawk has similar issues, not to mention their UI and design are too flat and lacking in intuitiveness.

Because of this, we looked into other customer service solutions. Customerly was one of the best we’ve come across. Setting it up was easy and after about a month of using them as our customer service solution, our user engagement increased by 2816%, with the live chat option and the welcome message being the things our customers liked the most.

Results with Customerly

Let me reiterate: our engagement increased by 2816%. We have a strong reason to believe that integrating customerly has been the leading cause for this spike in user interest. This increase has allowed us to close on 3x more sales than we used to. Customerly is non-intrusive and very user-friendly. It doesn’t scare off leads from clunky software. Our existing clients know the kind of support to expect. Customerly’s approach to Live chat is a breath of fresh air. We’re no longer bound by annoying and obnoxious alerts at ungodly hours of the night – Customerly simply informs the client of our hours and our last activity and we can get an at a glance overview of the support dashboard to know what’s happened whilst we’re away. Not only has it helped our clients, but it’s also helped us reduce the time it takes to get a ticket done and streamline our support experience while building our business quicker without worrying about support.

Customerly is a new company looking to make in-roads in the live chat business, offering services better than their competitors at competitive rates (like us as well), and you can look into customerly over here. We’d strongly suggest looking into customerly as your live chat solution, but also to look into after sales support if your business is outside the nascent stage and looking to grow.

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9th May Update Blog

We’ve done a quick video to cover the last blog post & cover the server changes, You can see that below.


  • Video Encoder Update
  • DM Viewer in beta
  • Profile can now update usernames
  • Video Thumbnail Picker

Planned Changes

Feed Editor – We want to bring more options to manage your profile, the feed editor will let you browse your feed, search for posts, comment, like and DM users directly as well as repost media in 2 clicks

Re-Login Helper – We plan to bring a one click Re-Login to help with any troublesome accounts.

Auto Comment & Like Filters – As the title explains, More filters to both of these

$1.80 Method Automated – We’ll be providing a way to automate Gary Vee’s $1.80 method, this is still up for debate, We’d love to hear if you’d find this useful

Automation+ – This will let you Find a post to Like then follow the user and leave a comment or private message for the best chances of getting engagement back

Image Editor – We’re planning to add a basic Image editor for cropping and simple effects

Copy & Paste targets – Easily copy across sources from one account to the other.

Multi-Account Posting – Select them all or just one, Easier method to post to multiple accounts

Boost Wizard Revamp – Easier to see when it’s on, What it’s doing and what it has planned – Basic analytics

Price change & Increase

We’re going to be getting rid of the unlimited accounts on Charlie, Existing users will still be able to use this and will have the option to re-subscribe – LTD accounts will not be affected, This is strictly for new users going forward.

We’ll have some more info on the price changes and why soon – This is expected to be live 01/06/19

Please reach out to live chat for any clarifications 🙂

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Server downtime & Action Plan


This post is in result of the two outages we’ve had in the last 31 days.

2019-04-07 09:00:47     Connection Timeout  1 hrs, 6 mins
2019-05-05 18:54:20     Connection Timeout  7 hrs, 45 mins

The first issue was due to a network configuration which was assumed good to be pushed live, The second, Longer one was due to our geolocation compared to our user load – A script that failed to execute ran the server up to 100% and crashed some services at about 4AM Local time, We had no fallbacks and this was clearly a mistake, Below I’ve outlined the steps we’re taking to prevent this in future and keep our customers updated.

Infrastructure updates

We’ve submitted an order for a bigger and better main server – This will allow us to allocate as much resources as possible to Postable, We’re moving all our sister sites and tools to a seperate server in order to eliminate any bottlenecks or potential issues.

Better Monitoring

We’ve only deployed uptime robot to monitor our website and send push alerts when it notices an issue – This isn’t good enough, We’re currently looking at some paid options but will settle on something with calling or webhook integration so we can ensure someone is alerted if there is any issue for more than 20 minutes.

Fallbacks and software solutions

We’re looking into fragmenting our service and using a cluster of servers with failover protection, This would take some time to implement but we’re very aware this needs to be looked at.

We’ve also set up a new software monitoring panel to help us find irregularities and problems – we’ll be combining this some network monitoring tools and a new firewall.

What to expect

This will be a big change – Once our servers are provisioned we will be doing a database migration – This should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on network load, The current time we’re looking to do this is 2 PM on the 9th of May – Brisbane, Australia time.

This will give us an opportunity to migrate our servers, set everything up and monitor – We will be upgrading our Video Encoding during this time so if you’ve had video issues this will be fixed.

Delays – Bugs and slowed down support time

We can work our best to make this Bug free and pain free – but they will happen and our live chat will be delayed, If you have any immediate problems related to billing please reach out we will do our best to assist but if you’re having issues with bot speeds, we will be aware and working on it.

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New Website & Price Changes

We’re always working to make Postable the best automation platform it can be, That being said our current offering has evolved from a bot & proxies to what it is today, In order to provide the best possible experience and keep features updated we have to adjust our prices accordingly.

All Current Monthly plans will grandfathered and you won’t need to pay more, Lifetime deals will be honoured although both of these plans will have some premium up-sells that we simply can’t offer on a lower plan tier, an example of this would be Mobile Only proxies – those wanting their accounts setup with U.S/U.K or Russian proxies will need to pay an extra fee due to the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining these proxies.

The new plans will be slightly fragmented and will come in 3 tiers with a 4th planned once we have more enterprise features released.

Please reach out to live chat with any questions.

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