What is Feedback_Required?

This is an error you will face when Instagram internal firewall deems the action one of the below things

  • Spam DM(Repeated DM’s without using Spintax or a variety of DMs)
  • Spam Comment (Repeated Comments without Spintax or a variety of Comments)
  • Inauthentic Action (Follow, Like, View Story, DM, Comment)
  • Low Trust Score (Doing actions too quickly)

There’s only one sure-fire way to avoid these issues and ensure that activity sent from Postable is Authentic and doesn’t trigger these issues.

By following our Warm Up Guide (https://intercom.help/postableME/en/articles/3498361-how-to-warm-up-accounts)

This doesn’t cover using Spintax or a variety of comments but it will help when Instagram deems the actions to be inauthentic or your account has a low trust score.

Please read the article in detail.