Navigating and using Auto Repost

Auto Repost is the most advanced tool we have on Postable. This is why it is important you fully understand how and when to use it. This is a guide to show you how to use Auto Repost. Keep in mind that any targets displayed in this guide are for guidance purposes only, you don’t need to use these exact hashtags, people or places in order to get it working. 

Warming up your account

The single most important thing to do before using Auto Repost is to warm up your account. Auto Repost will not work with an account that has been added to Postable within the last 3 weeks. If you already have it turned on, and it has failed. You need to turn it off and wait this period. If your account is already past this 3 week period and is still failing, the same applies, but you need to turn it off for a few days. Reach out to live chat if you need more information about the waiting period.

During this period, it is important to use the other modules (Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment etc.) to build your trust factor. As your account is now considered ‘new’ by Instagram, you will need to build trust factor so Instagram will allow you to do things that a lot of new users can’t (follow more people, like more things in an hour). 

Why is my account considered new?

Whenever you log into your account from a new IP, Instagram picks it up as a suspicious login. This also occurs when you are inactive for a while and then begin posting again, if you change your contact details, or if you purchase an account. Once Instagram are suspect, your trust factor with them is gone. Accounts with low trust factors can’t perform as many activities a day or get away with as many things as accounts with higher trust factors. Seasoned users of Automation software tend to have their own Proxies that they take with them as they move across different softwares, so that they don’t run into this problem. 

So how do I build my trust factor?

It’s very easy to build your trust factor with Instagram. The first thing would be to interact with other users. Almost everyone that has an Instagram account follows new accounts, likes timeline and target-based media and comments on posts. You can do all of this within our website. Once you have a pattern going, Instagram will ease off of your accounts, and you will be able to perform more actions and get away with commenting more generic things, messaging more people and then Reposting! There is a feature in Boost called ‘View Stories’, which is not only a good way to Boost engagement, it improves trust factor as well! Enabling this will make you seem more human, and therefore can help fast track your way to using Auto Repost.

Using Auto Repost
  1. Set your targets. Your targets can be a combination of all of the three sub-categories. 

(Like what you see above? This is our Dark Mode setting which you can activate using the slider on the top of the page)

 2. Set your speed. Start off slow, and don’t change the speed multiple times a day. If you change your speed more than once a day, the count will reset and you will risk a verification prompt (ev/pv) or a ban. 

3. Elect if you want to remove the reposted media after a certain period of time. The longest time you can wait before removing the media is 7 day, the shortest is 15 minutes.

4. Set your breaks and caption. For your caption, you can take advantage of Spintax to change up your comment. If you are not sure how to use Spintax, there is a free tool here that you can use. There is a guide in the module itself that shows you how to add full names and usernames of accounts you are reposting from. You can even put the original caption in the post!

5. (Optional) Go to the ‘first comment’ tab and write down a caption to add as the first comment of your reposted media. This may be useful if the media you are reposting has a significant amount of hashtags, and you would like to add your own. Once again, you can use Spintax here to customise the comments without having to add multiple. 

6. Set status to ‘Enabled’ and hit save! 

It’s important to note that Repost poses more risks than just a security-related ban. A lot of accounts recently have been reporting reposted images for copyright reasons. Make sure you watch your inbox for any messages from the owners of the original posts, they may not want you posting their content on your page.