Explaining the purpose and use of Auto Direct Plus

What is Auto Direct Plus?

Auto Direct Plus is a module that allows you to message non-followers in hopes that they gain interest in your account. You are able to do this through a combination of three different targeting methods: Hashtags, Places and People

Hashtags are the most common way to target people posting about the same content. Simply enter in your preferred hashtags and you will find people who are posting about the same things as you may be posting about.

Places is a good way to connect with people in a certain location. Using places like landmarks  and popular places in an area is a great way to get results. You can narrow this further by targeting locations only a specific niche would be visiting. Read our more in-depth article about location targeting to find out more: 

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Targeting by account, or People is a good way to target people who are following a certain user (e.g. celebrities). Using this is a good way to gain clients/followers if you are in the same niche or interest group of the person you are targeting. 

How to use Auto Direct Plus
  1. Select the account to use the module with
  2. Add your targets (you can use a combination of all 3 options)
  3. Set your speed and breaks (please ensure your breaks are set appropriately, a minimum of 12 hours is recommended)
  4. Save progress
  5. Select tab marked ‘Messages’
  6. Script up the message you will be sending to those you are targeting
  7. Click ‘add message’ (you can add as many messages as you want)
  8. Click save 
  9. Set status from deactive to active
  10. Save!

And that is all you need to do! You can track your progress in the activity log to see who you’re messaging. 

Any questions? Make sure to reach out to live chat if you have any questions regarding this module.