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Auto Direct Plus

Explaining the purpose and use of Auto Direct Plus

What is Auto Direct Plus?

Auto Direct Plus is a module that allows you to message non-followers in hopes that they gain interest in your account. You are able to do this through a combination of three different targeting methods: Hashtags, Places and People

Hashtags are the most common way to target people posting about the same content. Simply enter in your preferred hashtags and you will find people who are posting about the same things as you may be posting about.

Places is a good way to connect with people in a certain location. Using places like landmarks  and popular places in an area is a great way to get results. You can narrow this further by targeting locations only a specific niche would be visiting. Read our more in-depth article about location targeting to find out more: 

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Targeting by account, or People is a good way to target people who are following a certain user (e.g. celebrities). Using this is a good way to gain clients/followers if you are in the same niche or interest group of the person you are targeting. 

How to use Auto Direct Plus
  1. Select the account to use the module with
  2. Add your targets (you can use a combination of all 3 options)
  3. Set your speed and breaks (please ensure your breaks are set appropriately, a minimum of 12 hours is recommended)
  4. Save progress
  5. Select tab marked ‘Messages’
  6. Script up the message you will be sending to those you are targeting
  7. Click ‘add message’ (you can add as many messages as you want)
  8. Click save 
  9. Set status from deactive to active
  10. Save!

And that is all you need to do! You can track your progress in the activity log to see who you’re messaging. 

Any questions? Make sure to reach out to live chat if you have any questions regarding this module. 

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How to use Postable for Teams

Teams is one of the newest additions to Postable. It is currently in Beta and is being tested by a handful of users. This guide will help everyone who will be receiving it as part of their package.

Who can use Teams?

Teams is available to all users who are on the Agency plan. If you are not on Agency plan and wish to have teams, please reach out to us so we can discuss upgrading.

What is Teams?

Teams is a module that allows you to add team members to manage certain parts of accounts. You are able to manage each members permissions so that they can only perform what you wish them to do.

How do I use teams?
  1. First you will need to access the teams page, it can be found on the sidebar, or you can click here.
  2. The person you are wanting to add must have an existing Postable account, They do not need to have an active plan. Signup Link
  3. Select ‘New Member’ and set up your Team. From here you are able to manage the permissions and accounts you want your team member to see. 
  4. The team member then should access this link to log in as a team member: – If the member has an expired profile (No Payment needed to join a team) they will have the option to join the team from the expiry page, If the have an active plan they will also be able to switch teams on the profile tab. 

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Login Errors

What is a login error?

A login error is an error that appears when something goes wrong during the sign in process – these can appear for a variety of reasons.

Why can I see these login errors?

The errors are shown to you so that it is easier to troubleshoot for both you and us. Having the direct error number, name or even a snippet from the error can greatly increase our ability to help.

Is there anything I can do?

Absolutely! I will be explaining below what steps you can take to try and resolve the error without having to wait for a chat support agent.

Types of login errors and how to fix them
CURL Error 28:

This error related to a proxy timeout when trying to add an account. This can occur when Instagram is down, or when our proxy network is down. Here are some steps to try yourself:

  1. Wait for 30 minutes and try again – If Instagram is being temperamental this will generally resolve the issue.
  2. If you are re-logging your account, remove the pre-filled proxy and try again.

If after completing the above you still get this message, please contact chat and we will troubleshoot the issue.

“Wait 10 minutes for kindness”:

This error means that we couldn’t find a proxy to assign you. When you receive this message – please contact chat immediately.

“Oops, an error occurred”:

This error can be linked to a multitude of issues connecting – we have a separate article covering this, but here are some steps to try when you happen across this error:

  1. Change browsers
  2. Clear Cache and CookiesSometimes clearing your cache and cookies can help. Oftentimes, your cache can store temporary files that can cause issues when trying to access or run actions on certain websites. It is completely safe to delete. We have gathered the instructions on how the clear the cache for the most popular browsers below:
Google Chrome
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More, it looks like 3 dots .
  3. Click More tools > Clear browsing data.
  4. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  5. Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.
  6. Click Clear data.
  1. From the History menu, select Clear Recent History. …
  2. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  3. Next to “Details”, click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items.
Internet Explorer
  1. Select Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Click on the General tab and then the Delete… button.
  3. Make sure to uncheck ‘Preserve Favorites’ website data and check both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, then click Delete.


  1. Click Safari in the upper left hand side of your screen. In the menu that appears, click Preferences. 
  2. In the window that appears, click the Privacy tab. Click the button Remove All Website Data.
  3. Click Remove Now in the pop up window that appears. 
  1. Open the red O and then click Settings. Alternatively you can press Alt and P together.
  2. Open the Privacy & Security tab. Now click Clear browsing data…
  3. In the drop-down box select the beginning of time. Then check only Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Now click Clear browsing data.

If after completing the above you still get this message, please contact chat and we will troubleshoot the issue.

Username/Password incorrect:

This error is directly relayed from Instagram. If you are seeing this and you know your password, it means that the connection from Instagram has failed and it marked your login credentials as incorrect. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this error on our end, but here are the steps you can take to resolve it:

1. Change verification method:

Using the Google Chrome extension would be the best option in this case, as it gives you the ability to log in directly vs connecting VIA proxy first. You can always try switching between SMS and Email verification as well, however the Chrome Extension is proven to be more effective in this situation.

2. If you are still getting this error after trying the Chrome Extension, change the Instagram password.

If the connection keeps timing out and you cannot log in regardless of the verification method, changing the password is the most effective solution. Because you’ve made a drastic change, it clears your sessions, and lets you build your trust factor from the ground up. This is the quickest solution next to the Extension.

If you happen across any login error that is not outlined above, send a screenshot directly to chat and we will troubleshoot it on your behalf. 

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How to Warm Up Accounts

Below is a pretty lengthy read, It’s important you read all of it.

What is account “Warm Up”

Warming up your account refers to the steps of building your trust factor on Instagram, This is a vital step to avoiding issues when using Postable.

Why do I need to warm up an account?

This is an important step to maximising your use of Postable – The process helps establish your connection with us as an a Authentic session – Not doing these steps will limit the amount of Follows, Likes, DM’s & Comments we can send on your behalf, In rare situations this can also cause blocks and Phone Verification requests.

Types of Accounts that need warm up.
  1. New Accounts 
  2. Inactive Accounts (Regardless of Age)
  3. When any Major changes are made on your profile (Profile Bio, Email, Authentication, Logging in from a new location)
  4. Newly purchased Accounts (Regardless of Age)

When you first add your account the first few weeks are essential to building a good trust factor – Once you’ve established the account on Postable things like Profile Bio Changes, Adding emails or logging in from new locations don’t require a complete warm up but it’s suggested to slow down speeds and limit the hours worked for a few days.

How to Properly Warm Up?

Below is a good example of a common use of Automation, This is incidentally very wrong.

New Account purchased, Advertised as Aged and email verified, What do you do?

  • You immediately change all the account details.
  • You start posting right away
  • You added a new proxy and rush to use your new account
  • You get a Block or Ban

The problem here would have been regardless of the age you’ve essentially reset the trust factor when that account came into your possession, the new Password and any changes you make would be responsible for this, Below is the proper process you should take

  • Change the Account Details
  • You Follow a handful of people, Like a few posts and rest for a few days.
  • Make a Post, Follow a handful more people, like some pictures, like some comments – Rest for a few days.
  • Add you Account to Postable – Do not enable any Tools for a few days.
  • Whilst Resting avoid using the account on your device if possible.
  • Enable The tool you wish to use on Very Slow – Suggested break times are 3-4 hours activity per day 9AM-1PM – Allow actions for 3-4 Days
  • Enable longer hours – 9AM- 6/7PM
  • Gradually increase speeds – If you encounter a block scale back speeds

You’ll find I don’t specify actual lengths for days – Keep it as dynamic as possible is preferred, The minimum amount of time I would rest for is 24 full hours up to about 96 Hours Maximum (4 Days) 

There is no Easy guide to doing this but we’ve made it as easy as Possible – When you add an account you’ll be restricted from changing the speeds until a few days has passed – We also pre-fill break times suitable for a fresh 0 trust factor account – once the speed change timers have ticked down it should be safe to move up in speeds.

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Bypassing Feedback_Required

What is Feedback_Required?

This is an error you will face when Instagram internal firewall deems the action one of the below things

  • Spam DM(Repeated DM’s without using Spintax or a variety of DMs)
  • Spam Comment (Repeated Comments without Spintax or a variety of Comments)
  • Inauthentic Action (Follow, Like, View Story, DM, Comment)
  • Low Trust Score (Doing actions too quickly)

There’s only one sure-fire way to avoid these issues and ensure that activity sent from Postable is Authentic and doesn’t trigger these issues.

By following our Warm Up Guide (

This doesn’t cover using Spintax or a variety of comments but it will help when Instagram deems the actions to be inauthentic or your account has a low trust score.

Please read the article in detail.

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Location Targeting

The best way to target by location

Using locations as a target is the best way to interact with country-specific niches. If you are using locations as a target and aren’t seeing results/getting error messages in the Activity Log, here are some quick tips to achieve better results!

Note: Results vary according to your account type and niche. All advice here is purely for informational purposes and it is your own responsibility to customize locations to fit your targeted audience.

Don’t – use just countries

If you are looking to target just a country, it’s not wise to use a country or big city (e.g. Dubai, Australia, London) as a target. Not only will you be interacting with people outside of these locations (users on holiday etc.) you will also be at risk of receiving the ’empty feed’ or similar error messages. Posts that fit your specifications and also your location targeting are few and far between. 

Do – set targets for events and smaller cities/suburbs

You can almost guarantee a return engagement rate from those who frequent places relevant to your niche. Take time to research your niche and find out about the best places to go and the best things to do. As an example, those who are running a vegan page might want to target posts that are located at the local vegan market or the nearby vegan grocer. That way you are interacting with the right people, and the right content. 

Do – Change it up!

Keeping to the same targets forever can be rewarding for some people. But a lot of places and events can lose relevancy as quickly as they became relevant. Make sure you are keeping up with your niche to make sure you are targeting where your users are going to be! Plus, you may get better results with a different location. It never hurts to try new things!

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Auto Repost

Navigating and using Auto Repost

Auto Repost is the most advanced tool we have on Postable. This is why it is important you fully understand how and when to use it. This is a guide to show you how to use Auto Repost. Keep in mind that any targets displayed in this guide are for guidance purposes only, you don’t need to use these exact hashtags, people or places in order to get it working. 

Warming up your account

The single most important thing to do before using Auto Repost is to warm up your account. Auto Repost will not work with an account that has been added to Postable within the last 3 weeks. If you already have it turned on, and it has failed. You need to turn it off and wait this period. If your account is already past this 3 week period and is still failing, the same applies, but you need to turn it off for a few days. Reach out to live chat if you need more information about the waiting period.

During this period, it is important to use the other modules (Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment etc.) to build your trust factor. As your account is now considered ‘new’ by Instagram, you will need to build trust factor so Instagram will allow you to do things that a lot of new users can’t (follow more people, like more things in an hour). 

Why is my account considered new?

Whenever you log into your account from a new IP, Instagram picks it up as a suspicious login. This also occurs when you are inactive for a while and then begin posting again, if you change your contact details, or if you purchase an account. Once Instagram are suspect, your trust factor with them is gone. Accounts with low trust factors can’t perform as many activities a day or get away with as many things as accounts with higher trust factors. Seasoned users of Automation software tend to have their own Proxies that they take with them as they move across different softwares, so that they don’t run into this problem. 

So how do I build my trust factor?

It’s very easy to build your trust factor with Instagram. The first thing would be to interact with other users. Almost everyone that has an Instagram account follows new accounts, likes timeline and target-based media and comments on posts. You can do all of this within our website. Once you have a pattern going, Instagram will ease off of your accounts, and you will be able to perform more actions and get away with commenting more generic things, messaging more people and then Reposting! There is a feature in Boost called ‘View Stories’, which is not only a good way to Boost engagement, it improves trust factor as well! Enabling this will make you seem more human, and therefore can help fast track your way to using Auto Repost.

Using Auto Repost
  1. Set your targets. Your targets can be a combination of all of the three sub-categories. 

(Like what you see above? This is our Dark Mode setting which you can activate using the slider on the top of the page)

 2. Set your speed. Start off slow, and don’t change the speed multiple times a day. If you change your speed more than once a day, the count will reset and you will risk a verification prompt (ev/pv) or a ban. 

3. Elect if you want to remove the reposted media after a certain period of time. The longest time you can wait before removing the media is 7 day, the shortest is 15 minutes.

4. Set your breaks and caption. For your caption, you can take advantage of Spintax to change up your comment. If you are not sure how to use Spintax, there is a free tool here that you can use. There is a guide in the module itself that shows you how to add full names and usernames of accounts you are reposting from. You can even put the original caption in the post!

5. (Optional) Go to the ‘first comment’ tab and write down a caption to add as the first comment of your reposted media. This may be useful if the media you are reposting has a significant amount of hashtags, and you would like to add your own. Once again, you can use Spintax here to customise the comments without having to add multiple. 

6. Set status to ‘Enabled’ and hit save! 

It’s important to note that Repost poses more risks than just a security-related ban. A lot of accounts recently have been reporting reposted images for copyright reasons. Make sure you watch your inbox for any messages from the owners of the original posts, they may not want you posting their content on your page.

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Viral Finder

What is Viralfinder? Read to find out.

Viral Finder is a new module on Postable that allows you to search and copy posts and their metadata to use for your own profile!

How does this help me grow?

To put it simply, the purpose of Viral Finder is to help smaller accounts in a niche, use the same data that the larger accounts are using. By copying hashtags and all other relevant data displayed on the Viral Finder results screen, you can find your own posts displayed alongside the larger accounts, and as a result boost your following and engagement.

What else can Viral Finder do?

Viral finder can also filter each accounts posts by like count, comment count, view count and engagement rate. This way you can filter by what you consider to be more important, and pull data from the posts more successful in that specific category.

How do I use Viral Finder?

1. Research your niche and find the accounts that are growing in engagement/follows/likes

By doing this you are going to be searching the accounts that you will benefit most from. You can use SocialBlade or SocialTrack to figure out these metrics. 

2. Search the account within ViralFinder

3. Refine results using the filters (Sort by likes, comments, er etc.)

4. Copy any relevant information to use later

That is all you need in order to use Viral Finder!

When I try to search, results don’t show up?

The first thing to check is whether you’ve actually selected an account. When you search for an account, the account picker should appear with results for your search. You do not need to hit enter to do this, you just type and wait.

If you have already done this and nothing appears, try clearing your cache from your browser and trying again. 

If you run into any unexpected errors, please reach out to chat and we will do our best to assist you!

Please keep in mind that although you can use Viral Finder as a reposting tool, you may be at risk for copyright claims if you choose to do so.


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How to use Boost

How to navigate and use the Boost module

What is Boost?

Boost is a module what splits up actions across 6 different forms of engagement: 

  1. Follow – Follow users 
  2. Unfollow – Unfollow all users or only unfollow those who don’t follow you back
  3. Like – Like content posted by users
  4. Comment – comment on posts
  5. View Story – View Instagram stories
  6. Welcome DM – Send a message to users that follow you

Each feature is completely optional, so you don’t need to have all 6 turned on at once. However using more than on will allow you to have variety.

How do I set up Boost?

The good thing about Boost is that you can customise each step. When you first navigate to the Boost module, you will first need to select an account on the sidebar. If you don’t have this option – don’t worry – Boost will not show this menu if you only have one account added.

Once you have selected your modules, click the next button on the bottom right of the page. This will take you to the Choose the Source page!

The Choose the Source page is where you select the accounts, hashtags and locations you wish to target. The auto fill function will assist you with filling out this section. It also gives you suggestions based on what you have typed out. We suggest using between 10-14 to start, but you can use many more if you wish to. Once you have done this, click next to go to the Grow your Profile page! 

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Compromised Account Alert


The alert you may be seeing is related to a recent, global change effecting all third party services, This is including apps, Services and support teams such as VAs – Account managers and all instances where you and a third party share access to an account. There are currently rumours that this is Instagram start at filtering and potentially imposing limits to how often you may be able to perform actions, make changes or otherwise utilise Instagram, This alert has been known to happen on change of geolocation, IP Address and even device.

Bringing your account trust factor on a new login is essential – This means whenever you share your password with any application or person you take steps to ensure only one person is logged in and performing actions at any given moment, if you’re re-logging your account or have recently changed devices, IP addresses (Different subnet, State or country) or moved countries it’s important you take actions slow on the change, limiting how many likes, follows or posts you make in a certain time period.

As it currently stands Instagram has not addressed this alert and we don’t expect them to, As they’re currently using machine learning and automated processes to combat online abuse and bullying it’s expected for them to take steps against things that empower or enable these things to happen, such as Accounts being stolen, shared or otherwise exploited, if you’re a genuine user and don’t use Postable or other third parties to spam or abuse Instagrams services your account isn’t in danger, you will however have to take some additional steps to ensure your pro-longed and un-interrupted use of these tools.

It is important that when you re-login your account you do a sweep of your settings to ensure your break times are set correctly (12 Hours on 12 hours off is the longest we safely suggest) that your targets are in-line with your accounts niche and goals and that your activity speeds are sensible, Using your account whilst it’s plugged into Postable isn’t suggested and is likely to trigger this alert, the same goes for any third parties, apps or people you share your details with, 

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