We’ve done a quick video to cover the last blog post & cover the server changes, You can see that below.


  • Video Encoder Update
  • DM Viewer in beta
  • Profile can now update usernames
  • Video Thumbnail Picker

Planned Changes

Feed Editor – We want to bring more options to manage your profile, the feed editor will let you browse your feed, search for posts, comment, like and DM users directly as well as repost media in 2 clicks

Re-Login Helper – We plan to bring a one click Re-Login to help with any troublesome accounts.

Auto Comment & Like Filters – As the title explains, More filters to both of these

$1.80 Method Automated – We’ll be providing a way to automate Gary Vee’s $1.80 method, this is still up for debate, We’d love to hear if you’d find this useful

Automation+ – This will let you Find a post to Like then follow the user and leave a comment or private message for the best chances of getting engagement back

Image Editor – We’re planning to add a basic Image editor for cropping and simple effects

Copy & Paste targets – Easily copy across sources from one account to the other.

Multi-Account Posting – Select them all or just one, Easier method to post to multiple accounts

Boost Wizard Revamp – Easier to see when it’s on, What it’s doing and what it has planned – Basic analytics

Price change & Increase

We’re going to be getting rid of the unlimited accounts on Charlie, Existing users will still be able to use this and will have the option to re-subscribe – LTD accounts will not be affected, This is strictly for new users going forward.

We’ll have some more info on the price changes and why soon – This is expected to be live 01/06/19

Please reach out to live chat for any clarifications 🙂